B2B Translations focuses on business to business translations. Our mission is to provide global communication services with an emphasis on language translations for businesses. We want to accurately and professionally communicate your business to the world.


B2B Translations started in 2009 using resources from another local translation business which had ceased operations. Together, the people at our company have decades of experience with project management, language translations, marketing, web design, and graphic design. Since our beginning, we have successfully translated hundreds of projects into dozens of languages and look forward to working with you.

Our Office

We are located in a suburb north of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. With our translators and project managers only an E-mail away, everyone works remotely to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and allow us to work with people literally around the world.

Our Translators

We have a core group of professional, native-language translators who work on most of our projects. Everyone works remotely in their own country and culture. Nearly everyone is available 24/7. Outside of our core group, we have access to literally tens of thousands of the best translators around the world working in 100+ different languages, across dozens of different specialties.