What To Expect

Starting the process to have documents translated can be a little scary. We want to make this as simple and easy as possible. Here is an idea of the typical process:

Step 1: Complete Quote Form or E-mail

What type of project do you need translated? Using our project form, you will provide some basic information and send us the file to review. We will review the information with our translators and likely have a few questions via E-mail.

Step 2: Discuss Project and Final Quote

Before we give a final quote, we will E-mail some questions for you to confirm and answer. After we have a complete understanding of your translation needs, we will review your project with the translators and together prepare a quote. It will include a summary of what we talked about, explain the services we will provide, the total price and expected timeline.

Step 3: Approve Quote. Start Project.

After you approve and sign our quote, which officially starts the project, we take care of everything else until we deliver the final translated document to you.

Step 4: We Choose the Best Translator

We have a core group of translators who have worked with us for years on hundreds of projects. They translate most of the projects for us. For more unique languages and/or specialized projects, we have custom databases with thousands of translators who we can work with to match your project with the best translator for perfect results.

Step 5: We Translate Your Project

Our translator carefully reviews your document, might do some research, refer to terminology dictionaries, inquire with colleagues – all to make sure the translation of your document has the same meaning, writing style, and structure as the original.

Step 6: We Proofread / Edit the Translation

After the translation is complete, it is then carefully reviewed, proofread, and edited by another translator. We check spelling, grammar, writing style, and make sure the meaning of the translation matches the original.

Step 7: We Complete a Final Review

After the translators are finished, we review the documents to make sure the provided file is in the correct format and style, see if there are any obvious questions, and resolve any remaining translator or reviewer questions. If you requested any desktop publishing or additional services, we get them involved at this point.

Step 8: We Send the Translated Files

Once all of these steps are complete, we send you the translated documents for your review.

Step 9: Client Reviews the Translation

After we send the completed files, we suggest one final step. We highly recommend someone in your office or someone you know review the translation and make sure everything is fine. Think of how many people reviewed your original document. The translated document is no different. The more eyeballs, the better. It’s easy to get so focused on the content, that a typo or missing word is overlooked. Also, we need to make sure we captured the correct meaning and it’s exactly what you had in mind. Of course, if there are any issues, we will correct them to your satisfaction.