Any Language or Subject

We use translators with expertise related to your subject matter to perform the final reviews. Translation is more than translating words but understanding the exact content being translated and where it will be used in the world.

No Machines. Just Humans.

We will only review translations which have been professionally translated by expert translators. We do NOT review translations which have been created by programs, like “Google Translate”. They do not take the context into account and are not to be used in professional applications.

Personal Opinions

The hardest thing about proofreading and editing is reviewing another person’s writing. We all have a different writing style. And while one person may have written the new language differently than another; our reviewers only check for typos, grammar, content meaning, and making sure it is easy to understand.

Need a Second Opinion?

Do you have a document which has already been translated, but you want someone else to review everything before it is published or distributed?  B2B Translations has thousands of professional, native-language translators and editors who specialize in every subject matter and language.

  • Proofreading / Editing.  We can review your translated document against the original document to ensure there are no typos, the grammar is correct, the meaning is the same, and the new language flows well for the reader. We will make any edits to the Microsoft Word document or notes in the Adobe Acrobat PDF and provide a final document.
  • Story / Novel Review.  If you have a book which is going to be published, you will want it to be checked and double-checked multiple times. Do you remember how many times you wrote and rewrote your original? Translators and proofreaders do their best, but a few typos and grammar rough spots can still appear. We highly suggest anything being published to have a third and fourth review, just to make sure everything is perfect.
  • Final Style Check.  Maybe you feel confident about the translation, but you had it formatted into another program and you need someone to take a final look before it is printed and distributed. Our editors will check to make sure the correct text is in the right spot, nothing is missing, the hyphenation and line breaks are correct, the graphics were translated properly, and it is ready for final printing.