Experts in the Field

We have native-language translators who are experienced and specialize in sales, marketing, advertising, and business, just to name a few. Translation is more than just translating words but understanding the exact content being translated and how it will be used.

No Machines. Just Humans.

This is NOT Google Translate which “kind of” translates into something you can recognize. Our professional, subject matter experts manually translate your documents into their native language and culture.

Double-Checked for Accuracy

Quality is important. Every translated document is proofread, edited, and double-checked by a second translator. The translation is checked for spelling, grammar, and content meaning to make sure everything is perfect.

Professional, Accurate Marketing Translation

B2B Translations has professional, native-language translators who specialize in translating various types of documents into practically any language in the world. We work with different types of business documents including:

  • Advertising Translation.  We have translators who specialize in translating marketing and advertising documents. The translator has to convey the meaning, emotion, and imitate the writing style of the original copywriter while being sensitive to cultural issues.
  • Brochure Translation.  Whether it’s for a tradeshow or distribution partner overseas, our translators will make sure your brochure is not only correct with the proper language but also the culture.
  • Marketing Campaign Translation.  Global marketing is more than just words, but understanding each region as a unique market. This includes paying attention to the colors, styles, and underlying tones of your message as you introduce your products to a whole different culture.
  • Catalog Translation.  Everyone loves catalogs and e-commerce websites. Besides selling online, it’s an easy way to offer your range of products to people around the world. We will help you with differences in currency and the use of the metric system abroad.

Each translation project is unique. We will need to review your documents and likely ask a few questions in order to provide a free, no-obligation quote which includes:

  • Quality Matters.  Each translation is proofread and edited into a new language file.
  • Price.  We charge per original word being translated.
  • Timeline.  We need at least two business days to complete each project after approval.

Desktop Publishing

Does your graphic designer have experience working with other languages? We have multilingual DTP specialists who will take the translated text and your original design to create new files in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, as well as other programs.

Repetition Discount

If you have multiple documents with similar text, we will create a “Translation Memory” with the translated words and phrases. When the exact word or phrase is found again, the translator will use the translation from this database. This saves time and we offer a 50% discount for repeated words.

Multi-Language Discount

On larger projects, we offer a multiple language discount. Since we only need to setup the project once, it saves us time which allows us to charge a little less. We offer a 10% discount on additional languages when translated together at the same time.