Any Program. PC or Mac.

We have access to hundreds of professional designers throughout the world who work in any language, in any program, on any platform. This includes Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker, Quark, CorelDraw, PowerPoint, MS Publisher, and AutoCAD – on either the PC or MAC.

Double-Checked For Accuracy

After we take your translation and place it into the DTP program, the final documents are double-checked to make sure none of the text is missing. The translator also confirms the new language works in the final layout so it is easily understood.

Ready For Printing

We will provide high-res PDF files which are ready for your printer. No worries about fonts, missing graphics or photos, incorrect line breaks or hyphenation, text in the wrong area, color separations – everything is ready for the printer.

The Translation Is Done. Now What?

Our graphic designers can help you with desktop publishing and multilingual typesetting so they are ready to be printed.

B2B Translations has hundreds of professional, native-language graphic designers who specialize in desktop publishing, illustration, layout, and design. These experienced designers live in various countries and understand the culture where the final documents will be used.

  • Multilingual Typesetting.  If your original document is in Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, or some other desktop publishing program; we can also do the typesetting and formatting of your documents after we finish the translation. This way, we can check hyphenation, line breaks, and text placement without you having to worry about the final printed piece.
  • Asian, Middle Eastern Fonts.  We especially recommend that we do the typesetting or desktop publishing for Asian and Middle Eastern languages. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts are very different. Not only are they a different language, they use double-byte fonts which may cause problems on your computer. We find it best for our experienced designers to finalize your documents and provide PDF files for your printers. This way, no one has to worry about the fonts.
  • Final Style Check.  While we are typesetting your project, we will constantly be checking for hyphenation, line breaks, typos, and overall style. Once your job is complete, it is compared to the English for style. We want to make sure that the bold, italic, underlines, extra spacing, bullets, alignment, tables, and charts are all consistent with the English.
  • Ready for Printer.  The whole goal of our doing the typesetting is so you can send a final high-res PDF to your printer. No worries about fonts, program versions, and missing text. They will just print the high-res PDF and your project is done.
  • PDF Proofs.  In addition to the high-res PDF you will give to your printer, we also provide a low-res PDF proof for you to review. We want to make sure you see everything before printing.

What We Need To Know...

Before we can quote on the desktop publishing or typesetting of your project, there are many different things which we will need to know:

  • What File Format?  The most popular are Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. But, we also work with Quark, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, and others.
  • PC or Mac? What Version of Software?
  • Need Fonts and Graphics?  If the graphics need to be edited, do you have the editable versions of the artwork files? These will most likely be Adobe Illustrator files.
  • PDF Proof of File.  Before we can quote on the desktop publishing / typesetting, we need to know what the files look like. How involved are they? Are there embedded graphics? Are there many charts/tables? If you could please send us a PDF proof of the file, we can review for final pricing.