What background and experience do the translators have?

We only use native-language, professional translators who have a minimum of 5 years of translation experience working as a full-time translator. They also must be specialized in the field we are translating. Many have previously worked and studied in additional fields beyond languages. And some have 20+ years translating thousands of documents over the years into their native language.

How do you choose a translator?

Through various trade memberships and insider programs, we have access to specialized databases which contain thousands of professional and certified translators covering all languages and all specialties. It is very unusual not to find dozens of native-language translators in a particular field, in a particular country, who are available and excited to work on the next project. Picking the final translator comes down to a mixture of experience, pricing, availability, and ease of working together.

Are the translators certified?

Many translators have been tested and certified by one of the many professional translation organizations around the world. If you need your translation to be certified, please let us know. They might be a little more expensive but if you legal entity requires certification or notarization, we can make that happen.

Do you offer a sample translation or test translation?

Occasionally, if a new client asks for a sample translation, we will translate 200-300 words of the document for the client to review. This is especially used for either large projects or new languages. We want to make sure we have the best translator for your project. Anything over 300 words will be charged at our regular rate.

What if my group of documents is very similar?

Most translators use a “translation memory program” which will analyze the text for repetitions and matching words and phrases. When the number of repetitions is over 25% among the group of documents, we offer a discount for the repeated words and phrases. This can reduce the price of your overall translation project by 10-20% or even more, depending how similar the documents are.

What is a “translation memory program”?

Most translators use a “translation memory program”. The most common program is called TRADOS. The translator imports your original documents into this program which calculates the number of repetitions and matching words and phrases.

Instead of using Microsoft Word, the translator manually translates the words, phrases, and sentences inside of this program. As they translate, it builds a database of the translated words and phrases. Then, when the program sees a matching word or phrase, it pops in what has already been translated and highlights it for the translator to review. This saves time which is why we offer a reduced rate for repetitions.

We save these translation memories so they can be used with your future documents to continue saving you money and improving the consistency of the documents. This is NOT machine translation. All translations are still translated manually by the translator as they build a database unique to your project.

Can you find an interpreter for our company?

We will do our best to find an interpreter for the requested language in your particular area. But, if you need someone for a more obscure language, that can be more difficult. It will likely require finding a professional, native-language interpreter from another city or state which requires additional fees for travel and additional expenses.


How do you charge for translation?

We charge “per word” being translated. For example, if your original document has 1,000 words to be translated, your total price would be 1,000 words multiplied by the “per word” rate of that particular language and subject matter.

What does the price include?

Our translation price includes three things:

  • Original Translation by Professional, Native-Language Translator
  • Translation Proofread / Edited by Second Professional Translator
  • Final Translation Provided in Microsoft Word

Do you have a minimum charge?

Our minimum price is $99 per language. This covers the translation and project management required to source the translator, proofreader, and administrative costs associated with each project.

Do you charge for rush or urgent projects?

Normally, we do not charge extra, since this should be a rare occasion. We understand sometimes you are in situations which you cannot control and need the translation ASAP. We will work with you to provide what you need at normal or near-normal prices.

Is each language the same price?

The price of each language is dependent on the popularity of the language, the price of the translator, the complexity of the text being translated, and the availability of everyone for the project. Generally, Spanish and Chinese will be our cheaper languages. The European languages tend to be more expensive.

What is a ballpark price for translation?

This is one of the most common questions from people. On average, we charge between $0.15 and $0.25 per word for translation. But, when you have a book to translate with 80,000 words, it really adds up and surprises people! It even surprises us sometimes! For larger projects, we work with the translator to minimize the price as much as possible.  We also look for more repetitions as well as other ways to further reduce the price.

What is a ballpark price for desktop publishing?

For Desktop Publishing / Formatting / Layout / Typesetting, we normally charge per page.  If the project is mostly text with a few charts, it might be $10-$15 per page.  If the project has a lot of graphics and has a strong artist, high-end feel, it could be $50-$75 per page. We also charge additional for each separate graphic with text which has to be recreated.  The easiest thing is to send us the files for us to review everything and provide a quote with pricing and timelines.

When do you send the invoice?

We normally wait a few days after we send the final translation. We want to make sure everything is correct and there are no outstanding problems before closing the project and sending our invoice.

Timeline / How Long?

How long does it take?

On average, a translator accurately translates around 2,000 words each business day. If you have a 10,000-word document, it will take about one week for translation. Then, the translation is proofread and edited, which takes another day or two for smaller projects and longer for others. We need a minimum of two business days which includes project review, scheduling, translation, proofreading, and final review.

Our Process

What is the best way to communicate?

The easiest and most efficient way to communicate is by E-mail. Probably 99% of our communication is done through E-mails. If we get tied up during the day, we will catch up in the evening or weekend which makes it so much easier to send responses back and forth. Our translators are literally all around the world, so we are communicating with them 24/7. So, don’t be surprised if you get E-mails in the early morning, late evening, or weekend, as our team is working to provide you with the final quotes and projects.

Do you work with international customers?

Most of our clients are in the United States and Canada. We have worked with companies in other companies. One of the harder aspects is dealing with the payment process. We receive payments through wire transfer or credit card – both of which may introduce extra bank fees. Otherwise, we are excited to work with everyone around the world.

Is there a contract or agreement to sign?

Yes. We have our “Terms and Conditions” from the legal team. As a new client, we will send this along with the first quote. It will outline the responsibility of each side and be our working document throughout. After hundreds of projects, we have been fortunate to never need to reference the document due to a situation. We really try our collective best to make sure everything is right!

Are my documents confidential?

Our translators sign a work agreement which includes the confidentiality of your documents and our communications. Your documents are safe with us.

What if we find a mistake?

Have you ever read an E-mail you sent hours previously, only to find a typo or missing word? And, you know you read and read that E-mail before sending, but it happened. Same with translations. Our translator and editor can get so focused on the meanings and word choices that a silly typo or missing word can happen. This is why we strongly suggest someone on your side review the document to make sure everything is correct, especially if anything is printed.

After we sincerely apologize, we will work with you to fix the error and make notes of the particular instance for our next project together. As per our Terms and Conditions, we will not be liable beyond fixing the error for next time. It is the responsibility of the client to be the final reviewer and approver of the translations. But, we will do our best to make the situation right since we want to work with you beyond the current project.

What if we cancel a translation before it is finished?

Once in awhile, business plans change and a translation is no longer needed. If we have started the project, we will immediately stop and charge you for the work which has been completed. If we have not started, then there would be no charge. It is important to let us know immediately should your plans change in the future.